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Are you sure YOU have got a website?

During our years of working with clients and their websites the outstanding recurring problem that we have had to deal with is that of domain name ownership and who hosts the existing website.

We have redesigned and/or managed websites for many businesses and organisations. From the outset many of these have involved gaining ownership of domain names which are registered to the initial website developers and trying to obtain access to the hosting account.

Your domain name is your online identity and it is essential that you are the registered owner with login details to access the registrant’s website should you need to update your details. You should also be aware of where your website is being hosted and it should be your name and details on the account. You should have access to your account and any username and passwords to this.

It may seem easier to just leave all this to the web designers but what happens when you can no longer contact them? Maybe they have gone out of business and taken your website and more importantly your domain name with them! It is possible to take ownership of domain names in such circumstances but it takes time and money and you will have no control over your website during the process which could in turn put you out of business.

We do register domains for clients if they request so and we also setup hosting accounts but these are always in the clients name and the account and login details are also supplied.

To summarise:
You should have the domain name registered in your name and you should have all the account information (username and password) for:

  1. Your hosting account
  2. The account where your domain is registered (if different from your host)
  3. Your admin panel if you are using a Content Management System